Trancoso: chique and rustic


trancoso arraial dajuda

© Photo: Quadrado . Trancoso


This little paradise of indians and fishermen’s located in southern part of Bahia was rediscovered in the '70s by hippies and naturalists in search for tranquility and peace.

The church of São João, built in 1656, is located in the center of the “Quadrado” (or “main Square") and is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. During the day tourists enjoy the beautiful beaches or go for a nice walk on the beach towards the nearby cities.

When the night falls the famous “Quadrado” awakes. The many bars, typical restaurants, renowned boutiques and local kiosks selling craft create a "rustic-chic" atmosphere, which attracts several famous Brazilian and International stars that frequent Trancoso regularly.

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