Beaches in Arraial d'Ajuda


In Arraial d'Ajuda you have the choice between eight beautiful and breathtaking beaches, each with their own unique characteristics. In the north you can find beaches more orientated to families, close to the center the hip and vibrant beaches where the young and beautiful gather day and night, and the deserted beaches near the south, perfect for long walks in the sand and to discover nature’s beauty!


praia apaga fogo arraial dajuda Praia Apaga Fogo

This first beach situated just next to the river Buranhém, it’s perfect for children because of the calm waters and natural swimming pools at low tide. Here you can find many different sports activities like windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.

praia aracaipe arraial d'ajuda Praia Araçaipe

Also here you will find calm, waist deep waters and natural swimming pools protected by coral reefs during low tide, perfect for snorkeling. There are many hotels, kiosks, beach bars, restaurants and is an ideal beach for the practice of kite surf.

praia d'ajuda dos pescadores dos nativos arraial dajuda Praia d'Ajuda (dos pescadores ou dos nativos)

This beach is located near to the entrance of Arraial d’Ajuda, where you will find calm waters with small waves and mostly frequented by locals and natives.  There are a few kiosks and is also used as a natural harbor for local fisherman’s boats.


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arraial dajuda praias pousadas hotels igreja brasil